Re: New Video Blog post from the DNC

— In, Ryan Shaw <ryanshaw@S…>
> I just wanted to point out that multimedia search
> engines do more than look at the surrounding HTML–
> they also parse the media objects themselves for
> embedded metadata and do some content analysis.
> Some formats (WMV for instance) have hundreds of
> embedded metadata fields defined. Others (Real)
> have hardly any. Content analysis (things like
> extracting keyframes, looking at color distributions,
> etc.) can be very difficult with things like Flash,
> because instead of a standalone movie file to be
> analyzed you now have an application in which video
> is embedded in some non-standard way. Trying to
> determine where the video is involves decompiling
> the Flash application and parsing through the
> source… yuck.

Thanks Ryan. This was really the kind of answer I was looking for. I
wasn't aware that search engines could do that! It makes sense
though – in the same way that I accept that gravity sorta makes
sense. And you're right that this issue should not be the problem of
the end user or the content creator, but that of the tool-maker and,
I think, of the search masters (as I earlier suggested, I think that
this is something it behoove both Macromedia and Google to work
together on). In my experience, Macromedia's always been pretty good
at listening to the requests of their users, so perhaps I'll make
one more voice heard in their arena. Thanks again for the info.

Pax out,
The Dane.