Re: New Video Blog post from the DNC

— In, Lucas Gonze <lgonze@p…>
> It's not the video format, it's the HTML.
> You'll have to not do any of the typical
> weirdness that accompanies video, which
> means:
> * Put the video on the page with the metadata.
> Most of the time people will link to your
> intro page because it has all the metadata.
> For example, Steve Garfield mainly gets links
> to his blog, but videos are played as embeds
> within a new window. What happens is that
> nobody links to the video page, and since
> the video page doesn't contain much metadata
> Google wouldn't know how to index it if they
> did link directly.

So okay, I don't know much about how Google goggles sites,
but doesn't Flash already publish metadata along with each
swf in its natively produced html? Isn't that why all the
text I use in the swf appears in comments before the OBJECT
call? Example:

<!–url's used in the movie: –>
<!–text used in the movie: vidblog tutorial discussion
metadata Lucas The Dane–>
<object classid=blahblahblah…

Just echoing Deirdre in curiosity how Flash is more a black box than
Quick, Real, or WMV. Do those formats have some sort of Google-
readable data that Flash doesn't provide?

Pax out,
The Dane