Re: new videos

— In, Shannon Noble <sn@n…> wrote:
> I ca=
n=B9t get either of these new ones to load in Safari or Internet
on my Powerbook. I haven=B9t had problems loading the earlier pieces.

e set the SWF files on these pages to autoplay, so they should
start as soo=
n as you hit the page (as they did before):
m/vlog/072704a.html – still has =
the controls
within the SWF file, so you have to wait for the whole file to=
before you can play it. =
has two videos, so I've set
the first to autoplay; I'll have to find some o=
ther solution as I
really wanted to be able to put more than one on a page.=

best regards,
Deirdr=E9 Straughan