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Truly accessible for who? If you mean for hearies and for deafi=
why? The vblogs would be targeted at deafies, not hearies. If you
ere an hearie who knew BSL, then no problem, but why should
provision be m=
ade for hearies who don't know BSL? After all, they
don't always make pro=
vision for deafies, and that is something we've
had to fight for years.

don't agree that subtitling will be easier; for a lot of deafies
whose fi=
rst language is BSL, they can't understand written English,
which is basic=
ally what subtitles are.

I'm glad you brought up the issue of subtitles by=
the way,
Deirdr=E9. We all know that many TV channels and most films are n=
subtitled (either at the cinema, on VHS or DVD), but what about
video =
streams on the internet? Broadcasting is regulated by various
s, but as far as I know, the internet isn't regulated at
all, so how can y=
ou ensure that deafies are given complete access to
this medium?


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ts@s…> wrote:
> It will only be truly accessible if sign language transla=
tion is
> provided and edited in. With all the good will in the world, this=

> hard for many of us to arrange! Subtitling would actually be
, I
> would think, though of course it presents technical challenges.
> =

> best regards,
> Deirdr=E9 Straughan