Re: Push the limits of Content and Delivery

> Why don't more people get involved? Lack of understanding of what a blog
> is, and distance from the computer culture that many of us vbloggers
> for granted. Many people out there don't find problems with
> video media. In Oakland, CA, not enough people have access to computers,
> much less access to a decent education. Which reminds me, are there
any SF
> bay Area people who would like to talk to me about setting up a video
> blogging program for high school students at oakland tech?

Does it have to be blogging, however you define that? Within the
context of this group's title, I guess one could argue that it should,
but perhaps we should not let our perceptions be bound by blogging
"traditions" (which don't stretch all that far back anyway).

Personally, I was a "real" blogger for less than a month, and don't
have a lot of sympathy with the format, though I applaud that it makes
publishing oneself on the web so much easier for so many. But I am
interested in other ways that video can be used, with or without
surrounding text etc., by ANYbody who wants to say ANYthing.