Re: QT Pro Export and Adobe Premiere

> Why are you trying to bring the video back into Premiere after QT
> I'm guessing, but it sounds like you're compressing the video with
> first?
> Is this the situation?

Not quite. It's pretty stupid. My digital camera records quicktime
video in MPEG-4, but Adobe Premiere can't import these files
directly (6.0 doesn't support MPEG-4 apparently). That's why I have
to open the MPEG-4 videos in QT Pro – export them as uncompressed
AVI. Only after doing that I can import the clips into Premiere.

And now it turns out that QT Pro can't export clips longer than 30
secs (when exporting uncompressed AVI – other export settings don't
have problems). I have to cut up any longer clips into smaller bits.
This might be a limitation of my computer though. I don't have a
very fast computer.

– Andreas