Re: question #2

Whee! Fun! I was able to see Andreas' video and Steve's comment
without too much trouble, and posting my own comment just now went
absolutely smoothly.

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> On Wed, 1 Sep 2004 10:57:20 +1000, Adrian Miles <adrian.miles@r…>
> wrote:
> > i propose a video project that does what Jay asks. So one day one
> > person posts, next day someone responds, and so on. Those with
SMIL can
> > build a player, i'll provide embed source code to make it work in
> > quicktime (sorry, having trouble making swf work in QT at the moment),
> > and i'll make a version of it too that does things with it in QT.
> I wanted to get this online last night before all of you sent out all
> these e-mails. My FTP program decided to break, and I didn't want to
> with it so I waited until now to figure out a solution.
> Anyway, I put up a small video at:
> <>
> Anyone can add their own video comment to this entry, and each comment
> will be played after the original post. There are still some issues
> Quicktime not loading the video the way I want it to, but I can't
> that out (I'm not a SMIL/QT expert).
> So have fun and add some comments so I can see how this works. The
> only accepts quicktime movies (.mov files) and files should be less
than 4
> megabytes.
> I had this mostly ready Monday, but I had the hardest time getting
> anything edited. It seemed like no piece of software on my computer
> to cooperate with me. Even iMovie at the university's Mac-lab were
> me off on a regular basis.
> – Andreas
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