Re: question

Regarding the size/bandwidth question, I think we're currently
trapped in this strange middleland where a good chunk of people are
on broadband but, simultaneously, another (sizable) chunk are still
in dial-up no man's land.

My family lives in Romania and they're stuck at a 56k. They value
not tying up the phone and so being on the net for more than fifteen
minnuts at a time is out of the question (or at least rare). They
are willing to occassionally download my videos (which range from 1
to 3 MB), but while I was visiting, I wanted to show them the
exploding whale movie (at 10 MB) and they laughed at me. And if my
family – who is in the medium realm of tech-savvy – still uses dial-
up and mostly sees the net as a place to collect email and get
sports scores and shop Amazon, then there's likely a fair amount of
the internet-using world out there that feels the same.

Here's where the middleland dichotomy comes in though. The town
where my parents and brother live is in the midst of change. My
parents apartment is now in the section of town that is at least
offering cable connections. My brother, across town, still has no
choice. While many of the more (I hesitate to say it) first world
nations are making broadband almost normative, other regions that
are very net-active still have to suffer through with dial-up. And
so, currently, to post 5, 10, 20, and 30 MB videos is to marginalize
those regions.

Now personally, I don't have a problem with doing this, but I know
other people who certainly do.

The bright side is that this middleland dichotomy is not going to be
a permanent state. Soon, only a negligible amount of users will
hesitate before downloading a 30 MB file. The question, I guess, is
what to do in the five to ten years while we're waiting.

p.s., I'm apartment-shopping right now as my current home will be
demolished by the State of California in December (ah, the ups and
downs of living in a State Park) and interestingly, all of the newer
complexes are touting that they are cable-internet-ready as a
selling point.