Re: Revogging

— In, Jay Dedman <jay@m…> wrote:
> for me, "copyright issues" become an issue
> when $$$$$$ is involved. Metallica getting
> angry because college kids arent paying for their albums.
> This isnt how I see videoblogging. we arent making
> Movies you buy and sell in stores.

I really do think that this aspect is key. And for me, it's not just
a one-way street. I won't steal something I plan on selling and I
won't offer for free the content that other people are selling. I
think it'd prolly be unethical to do otherwise.

My solution is that I keep my marketable stuff separate from the
costless. If someone steals my free stuff, I don't mind. I think
it's kinda funny if they do it without the slightest attribution.
However, if I find someone stealing my livelihood, then I will be
quick to bring down the Danish hammer upon them. I think Metallica's
right to be angry, but I don't see any easy solutions to piracy.

Pax out,
The Dane