Re: Rocketboom

Well, it 'came' to me a few years ago that there would be a 'second'
Internet (?) that would be faster (?)… I see that the government is
creating their *own* Internet for the troops so they can download
stuff in the field, etc. (get satellite photos of strike zones, etc.)
but if the FCC – or corporations, as you suggest – try to hijack
the 'Net… could there be another version (a secondary Internet)
that might spawn itself. I mean, how far off are we from Iran with
the 'control' (censorship) thinking … as I just read Iran is going
to switch the Internet users to the government controlled version and
*then* plan to totally block all citizens from even having access at
all. Sheesh!

Is nothing sacred?

But I digress… 😉


— In, Christopher Weagel
<humandog@c…> wrote:
> On Nov 19, 2004, at 11:22 AM, courtwms777 wrote:
> > And has anyone noticed the buzz online about the FCC eyeing
> > Radio? I mean, I know they just gave commercial stations the go-
> > to broadcast digital radio – but will they start sniffing around
> > internet at video, too? Boo hiss….
> > (,1285,55706,00.html)
> >
> > I hope they don't try to place restrictions on Satellite…
the 'Net
> > could be next.. ugh.
> >
> >
> Oh I definitely see this coming. The fascists have been unleashed
> will not tolerate dissent.
> I see the web being taken over in one form or another by the
> gov/corporation monster sooner than any of us will like.
> It will probably come about by full corporate invasion of the web,
> broadband providers simply favoring content that belongs to their
> partners/subsidiaries, and not favoring people like us.
> We are the opposition because we are not controlled.
> Chris