Re: Rocketboom

I owe another explanation for how we intend to deal with the copyright
infringements on Rocketboom. Basically, stop infringing. But there
will be some and I will always honor any complaints to remove any
content that is owned and unwanting of the free distribution.

Have you seen the open video project for instance?
There is a lot of amazing stuff going on here with an unreasonably
large archive of free for all films and also, a great deal of concern
to the kinds of issues a lot of you are working on with video casting,
video browsing, metadata tracking, etc.

— In, "courtwms777" <courtwms777@y…>
> I just took a peek at Amanda's entry for today. Too frickin' funny!
> Chris Christmas Rodriquez.. hahahahha
> Meanwhile, she had an entry one day of some old commercials. (at
> least I *think* they were 'for real' commercials..maybe no)… but
> that leads me to ask the question, "How are some people able to post
> videos containing other stuff?"
> Like, where did she get today's bit, for instance?
> Just wondering…
> And has anyone noticed the buzz online about the FCC eyeing Satellite
> Radio? I mean, I know they just gave commercial stations the go-ahead
> to broadcast digital radio – but will they start sniffing around the
> internet at video, too? Boo hiss….
> (,1285,55706,00.html)
> I hope they don't try to place restrictions on Satellite… the 'Net
> could be next.. ugh.
> Courtney