Re: Rocketboom

Thanks for your great comments everyone (off list too!), you have
really made my day!!

As for the flash decision, it feels like flash capable browsing is
nearly as ubiquitous as java browsing.

My favorite method for delivering video so far is QT6 because its
clean, easy, nice quality and the fast start option is crucial.

While flash6 delivers nice looking video, I'm not sure that it has
fast-start capabilities. Flash 7 does. What I don't know is, do people
have flash 7 player capabilities to the extent that they have flash6?
Does anyone have any ideas on numbers?

Also, working on a PC and MAC, I'm always kept aware that while most
of us may use Macs, most people in the world by an overwhelming margin
use PCs so as much as it disgruntles me to appease windows media
player, I'm trying to deal with that too.

Geek_Jihadi's heart-felt post on codecs is quite timely. Unfortunately
that time has been around for awhile and it's hard (though so easy) to
see the end.

As much of a time consuming process as it is to serve flash, qt, win
and real files, all at once, right now, in these times of handicap
video browsing, I think it's important because a) if people have a
player set up at all, it probably took them a long time to overcome
the fear and time lag on installing (however simple and easy) and b)
even as I sit here and prefer Quicktime and love to find qt movies on
the internet, I know people get comfortable with their players (like
brands) and taking the extra time to make files play in their comfort
zone, is enough to keep them around, and worth it.

This weekend, pretty much all I'm doing is trying to square away the
backend delivery system regarding this very issue so any suggestions
would be much appreciated.

— In, Steve Garfield <steve@o…> wrote:
> On Nov 11, 2004, at 6:28 PM, Andrew Baron wrote:
> > It would be great to get your
> > comments and opinions to consider before monday.
> >
> >
> >
> That's great! I'm impressed that you guys are committing to getting
> one video per day produced.
> > I have already met a few of you (thanks to Kenyatta in a big way for
> > his support and also thanks to Webjay I'm going with flash (best
> > suggestion i have heard ever)) and look forward to getting involved in
> > the discussions and creative forces.
> Can you tell us more about your Flash decision and implementation?
> Thanks,
> –Steve
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