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> On Nov 19, 2004, at 2:42 PM, Jay dedman wrote:
> > so why do=
nt more people use these cheap tools and publishing method
> > to go crazy=
> > lets show each other the stuff we live inside and out that's not in
> > the public mind.
> > maybe this doesnt happen becasue "visual creatio=
ning" is still a new
> > technique for most people.

And, as the study Ste=
ve pointed us to a while ago showed, a lot of
people think it's too complic=
ated, that they don't have the right
tools, etc. etc. Computers are just to=
o damned hard for most people –
not because the people are dumb, but becaus=
e the computers are! What
we're doing currently requires a computer just to=
VIEW it (and often
downloading plug-ins for this that or the other format =
– I STILL can't
view Chris' videos in Firefox, and don't know why). Creatin=
g video for
the web requires a bunch of other stuff that the average person=
intimidating and/or expensive.

If I could get a book contract, I'd=
happily write a "Videoblogging for
Dummies"-type book – that might empower=
a few more people to do it,
until the technology actually becomes easy eno=
ugh for normal people to
want to fool with.

best regards,
Deirdr=E9 Strau=