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> E=
njoyed visiting your blog, Deirdre! I love your topic and all of
the intere=
sting tidbits. I'm not sure I see the advantage of using
flash, though. One=
thing I actually like about it are the accessiblity
of controls using a ri=
ght-click mouse button. But you have to know
they are there — and lots of =
viewers won't. But since I just joined
this list… I may have missed relev=
ant discussion on flash video.

Cool! Even *I* didn't know they were there!=
Demonstrating my total
ignorance once again… So I could have skipped the=
Javascript on my
web pages (e.g.,
l )

This doesn't solve the scrubber/progress bar problem, but does have
st about every other control we could ask for.

The advantages of using Fl=
ash, from my POV, are these:

– Apparently it has the largest installed bas=
e – something like 96% of
viewers already have the necessary plug-in instal=
led, which is not
true of any other format, according to information posted=
here (and

– I needed to learn how to put video on a corporate=
website and, for
the above reason, it seems like the best option – there a=
re situations
where you *don't* want controls displayed, just a simple wind=

> Lisa
> On 26/08/2004, at 11:52 PM, Deirdr=EF=BF=BD Straughan=
> > In my ongoing crusade to understand how to format video for =
the widest
> > possible market, I've put up the same video on my blog
> > h=
ttp:// , this time in SWF
> > format.=
Please let me know your results.
> Lisa Harper