Re: second attempt

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> — In, Lisa Harper <lisah2u@y…>=
> > Enjoyed visiting your blog, Deirdre! I love your topic and all =
> the interesting tidbits. I'm not sure I see the advantage of using
> f=
lash, though. One thing I actually like about it are the accessiblity
> of =
controls using a right-click mouse button. But you have to know
> they are =
there — and lots of viewers won't. But since I just joined
> this list… =
I may have missed relevant discussion on flash video.
> Cool! Even *I* d=
idn't know they were there! Demonstrating my total
> ignorance once again..=
. So I could have skipped the Javascript on my
> web pages (e.g., http://ww= )

How do Mac users access these controls?=
(So I can add a note to my
pages to let people know, in case they're as ig=
norant as I was.)