Re: The INternet of Video

— In, Adrian Miles
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> As Christopher says, a few minutes online would
find this group, and numerous other commentators (Eli Chapman for
example) that have been discussing this for at least 2 years.

The funny thing is that I accidentally started this discussion with
an unmediated post that was'd by Ryan Shaw, reblogged by
Kenyatta Cheese back onto Unmediated, and then posted here (I think
by Steve). I posted it for a few different reasons:

–I like Rafat Ali's and his new idea (ContentNext)
for bringing in thinkers and CEOs from the digital media industry,
and I wanted unmediated readers to check it out.
–The post's author, Jeremy Allaire, is a pretty prolific and
interesting guy (former CTO of Macromedia and avid blogger, Google
him for info)
–And I'm a big fan of raising the investment community's awareness
and interest in the potential breakthoughs we're heading towards in
the field of video production tools, technology, and services.
Greater attention increases the chance of raising money and is only
going to help those of us who want to build solutions to the problems
we're all experiencing, talking and thinking about.

Anything that contributes towards defining direction and strategy for
manifesting the future of media, communication, and entertainment is
going to get my thumbs up- regardless if it's from peers on the web,
research labs and universities, community experiments, startups, or

And make that 5 years Adrian- 2 publicly 😉