Re: Themed collaborative project

> The problem is getting the right videos from peoples' entries.

I have to disagree. The problem, right now, is with us *creating* a
collaborative thing. We can handcode everything we need, as long as we
make the effort to make the movies. The discussion here should *not*
yet be about ways to automate. We'll miss the first steps, which is
just showing something can be done, and we risk to strand in a bunch
of talk about automation. Let's avoid that.

In other words, let's just do it. We'll handcode the smil if needed.
We don't need automation. We need enthusiasm by the creators (us!),
for trying something new.

It's like videoblogging week. We are still in the early stages of
videoblogging. We need tools, yes, but we also need to experiment with
form, and a collaborative exercise is such an experiment. It doesn't
need to be bogged down by trying to automate it.

> Making a playlist of the entire list is just a waste. :o)

No it's not. You only download/see the older movies once you get
there, so if you put the newest movie first, and then start watching
previous movies, you can stop when you see something you've seen before.