Re: Uniqueness of Video Blogging


This is fucking brilliant. It becomes SO much more enjoyable to browse
videos. Wow. Wow. If it's functional, and I can subscribe to feeds
(like Bloglines), I will definitely use it. I wrote this on the blog:

"still an experiment: it pulls in videos through the RSS feeds of the
videobloggers, and then lets you browse them. Videoblogging becomes
more tv and less clicking around to see all of them. I have hopes for
this – I think it will become an important element of the
videoblogging ecology. Podcasting (pulling in audio files through
enclosures) became the tipping point for audioblogging. RSS readers
were not a tipping point but an important element of the textblogging
thing. Maybe vbrowsers will turn out to be an important element of the
videoblogging revolution. (Darn! I said the revolution word. Sorry.)"

In short: I had been thinking about this for many months, now that I
see it it clicks immediately. We need this. We need vogbrowsers.
Videoblogbrowsers. Keep up the good work. It's brilliant.

Peter (excited and haven't even had my coffee yet)