Re: [videoblogging] A.H.'s Video Comments Test

Great. I can see the other two posts already from Steve and Deirdre (with
lothes). Very nice.


On 9/1/04 10:55 AM, "Andreas Haugstrup" <videoblog=
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> On Wed, 01 Sep 2004 10:43:39 -0700, Shannon Noble <=
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>> Sorry. I should clarify this: Andreas=A9=F6 vide=
o piece is the streaming
>> .mov
>> I=A9=F6m talking about. How do I save i=
t self contained. I only get an 8kb
>> file
>> when I save off the browser.=

> There is no self-contained video. The 8kb file you get is just a text=

> document that references the different videos. You can open this in your=

> text editor to see the URLs to the individual movies. Or, because it's
faster, just go to:
> <
> is the original post, is the first commen=
t and so on.
> Hope it helps. :o)
> – Andreas

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