Re: [videoblogging] a minor triumph

Hi Deirdre,

>Jay said he missed the play controls in my latest video, so I have
>finally figured out a solution.

I, too, missed the controls, but I also missed the thumb/progress-indicator:

| (*) |

so I could know how far into the movie I was and how long it was. I think people like to know how big if a time commitment the video requires. Imagine how it would feel to start reading a novel, but not knowing how many pages long it is. With progressive download, I also like to be able to drag the thumb back to the beginning of the movie if it starts stuttering.

>The new catch is that the buttons don't work in Firefox, but
>everything works as expected in Internet Explorer…

They also don't work in Safari, BTW. (That's the frustrating thing about JavaScript.) I don't know that much about Flash, but you may be able to create a Flash movie controller in a separate SWF file that sends signals (play, pause, etc.) to the SWF file containing the movie. I've seen this technique used to create custom movie controllers for QuickTime.



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