Re: [videoblogging] a tool for Steve's Mom

okay, this is good input on a videoblogging tool.
we spend a lot of time discussing how videos will be seen, i think we forget
to ask the big question:
who's going to make all these videos?
and how?

So Adrian, you say all we need is IMOVIE with an hack that posts to your
So mix Imovie and Ecto. I'm in.
But how about all the people on PC's?

the next question is:
who can make this Imovie hack?
Ive been asking around and no one seems to know.
does anyone know of a dedicated programmer who would be interested in a
project like this?
is money the issue..if so, how much money?

once a simple tool is created, more people could videoblog.
we need content.
i dont want NBC and MTV making all the video for the net too.

adding video to blogs is great becasue the format is already there.
a daily journal of experience. funny serious weird.
we just got to give people the tools to do it.

Quoting Adrian Miles <adrian.miles@…>:

> On 28/06/2004, at 5:03 PM, Jay Dedman wrote:
> > Peter drew up real rough plans for a tool a couple months ago.
> >×7
> > Take a look.
> > Already I see that it needs an editing function.
> > Maybe just being able to put clips back to back, and cropping.
> > Maybe be able to add a soundtrack and narration.
> > Then, it should optimize.
> > Then, it should post.
> > What am I forgetting?
> optimise should be like quicktime, simple settings or custom if you
> want and know what you're doing.
> it should automatically extract a poster frame and make that clickable
> to load the video.
> both should be uploaded to your nominated server account.
> posting should include appropriate metadata, including date, data size,
> director/author.
> metadata including clickable urls should be an option and presented
> into the movie as text tracks.
> but the above is imovie, why reinvent the wheel? a plugin for imovie
> that did the poster movie and posted to a blog would do it.
> cheers
> Adrian Miles
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