Re: [videoblogging] Another attempt

> I'm having a real issue with size. I originally recorded a 2:22
> minute clip which was 7.66MB. I felt it was far too big to put on
> my blog; I did give it a go, but I panicked and got worried about
> bandwidth. I may be barking up the wrong tree, because bandwidth is
> actually dependent on the NUMBER of people who download/watch the
> clip in any given period, right?

how are you editing these clips?
the reason why the file is so big is because of compression.
a 2-minute compressed video is usually about <2MB.
Most editing software has compression built in.
if not, you got to get compression software(which is different for Mac and

isnt this crazy?
youre the perfect example of why we need an all-in-one videoblogging tool
that edits, compresses and posts.
we're working on this.

so can you explain youre process, equipment, and software?
be specific.
we can get you posting a big picture-movie that's small in size.
it'll just take some experimenting.

(by the way, i have a fully loaded MAC and I cant view your video. does
anyone know what player I need to watch Rob's video?)

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