Re: [videoblogging] Another videoblog week?

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In case everyone doesn't check the wiki as religiously as I do:

Peter Lawrence is proposing having another videoblog week with a theme of
"My day":


With a dead hard drive i'm well and truly off the map for I don't know how long. 🙁 (and have to use web mail to try
and keep up with the world…)

Does anyone have recommendations? I want a normal camera, not a video
camera, but being able to record videos (with sound) would rock since I
would be able to experiment more with videoblogging instead of just
talking about it. I have been looking at a Canon A80 which I should be
able to get for $300. I'm looking for something that is easy to use for
'travel photos' but at the same time has a possibility for getting a bit
more into different settings (because I like to experiment and maybe even
learn a thing or two about photography).

ideally one that captures in a sensible format. i open what my canon ixus captures in quicktime then convert

adrian miles