Re: [videoblogging] Any tips?

Hello everyone,

I'm new to the group… I just contacted the people at arc= and
asked them to start archiving video blogs…

Here is the resp=
onse I got:

That is a great idea. =A0We definetly want to collect a=
s much as we can,
however we have not gotten around to video blogs yet. =A0=
If you know
anyone who would like to donate stuff, send them our way.

Astrid Bragg
Office Manager
Internet Archive

I wrote back and said I=
'm sure there are alot of people who would like
to archive their video blog=
s. I asked how they would like to receive
them etc…

She has yet to repl=

This could be a great place to archive our video blogs.

i'll keep you =


—– Original Messa=
ge —–
From: Rob Wilks <rob@…>
Date: Mon, 09 Aug 2004 22:18:22=
Subject: [videoblogging] Any tips?

— In, Jay Dedman <jay@m…> wrote:
> so=
what do you guys need to get started?
> you understand how to put a video=
on your blog?
> you just got to get the process down a couple times and i=
ts easy.
> Maybe its time for another "videoblog week".

To get started.=
. I think we need some tips on what software to use
to create vblogs, wh=
at format is the best to use? i.e. quicktime,
windows media or realmedia=
? How do you guys go about getting your
vblogs onto your blogs? Can you=
give us a breakdown of what it is
you do?

An issue that has just been=
raised is the question of storage – it's
going to be impossible to store=
every single vblog on my webspace.
Plus if we're going to archive every=
thing for future generations,
replacing files isn't really going to work.=
How do you get around


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