Re: [videoblogging] Anyone using an RSS 2.0 feed with enclosures?

> With more work I can have look for video files in the
> HTML blog entry, but that opens up a huge can of worms. Take a random blog
> entry from momentshowing. On that HTML-page there are two videos, your
> videoblog video and the vogroll. I need to find the videoblog video, *not*
> the vogroll or any video you're simply linking to.

I just got to meet with Josh Kinsberg who was teaching me about
he created the viPodder script.

we were looking at the RSS feed on enclosures, and undersatnd the
also, the worry about someone pinging videos that do not belong to

what if we wrote into the RSS feed…a way to make the video an
enclosure ONLY if it comes from the site that's pinging it.
and if the vogroll is the only thing complicating each of my
permalinks…ill take it out.
Josh said he'd be willing to look at the code you have and see if he
could fool with it.

on, your pingback system is a complete success.
we're starting to gather a lot of videos.
if someone made a player (like viPodder) that grabbed automatic
enclosures….it'd be much easier to view all the videos at once.
we'd be like a TV channel.

now whether you like this idea or not is a different story……