Re: [videoblogging] Anyone using an RSS 2.0 feed with enclosures?

On Mon, 18 Oct 2004 21:55:34 -0400, Jay dedman <jay.dedman@…>

> i dont even know how to publish my video blog with enclosures.
> is it easy?

With Typepad? Not possible right now as far as I know.

> is there a way to get our RSS feed from to
> create enclosures for us just by pinging the site?

Yes, and no. If (when?) I extend the interface so that
it accepts RSS+enlosures it's not a problem, but many people (like those
on Typepad) can't send RSS+enclosures so that's not an option for them. I
could add this pretty easily, but we'd end up with half the entries with
enclosures, half without.

With more work I can have look for video files in the
HTML blog entry, but that opens up a huge can of worms. Take a random blog
entry from momentshowing. On that HTML-page there are two videos, your
videoblog video and the vogroll. I need to find the videoblog video, *not*
the vogroll or any video you're simply linking to.

With entries such as
we can get around the problem by marking the video in the same way you
would mark up a video for use in video comments. By adding rel="alternate"
and type="video/quicktime" to the <a>-tag.

But with entries such as
where the entry is both a video and some text there is currently no way to
mark up the video. rel="alternate" describes an alternate version, but in
this case the video is not an alternate version because it contains a lot
less information (all the text is missing). That's why I haven't been
working on enclosures at

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