Re: [videoblogging] automatic quicktime smil playlist

Ugg. Sounds like a mime issue. I'm sending, as per Apple's docs,
application/x-quicktimeplayer. I figured if they got it right on
Windows, they would be able to get it right on their own bloody OS.

What version of Quicktime do you have, what browser are you using and
what are its mime settings for anything with the word "quicktime" in it?

I can of course send video/quicktime, but then it will display in the
browser rather than in a seperate QT player. If I'm forced to display
the playlist in a browser then I might as well use html and javascript.

SMIL is supposed to be cross platform and thus have all sorts of
wholesome goodness attached. The reality is Real and Quicktime need
SMIL tweaked so as to be incompatible with each other.