Re: [videoblogging] bit torrent is too confusing

On 05/08/2004, at 12:00 AM, Jay Dedman wrote:

> for me, P2P is a confusing mess with concern to posting a videoblog.
> what's exciting is maybe one day I can post 100MB+ files to my
> videoblog.
> people watch DVD quality videos(big!) and I dont host it.
> oh, and while my computer is on, it is always unnoticeably downloading
> the
> latest videos that ive subscribed to.
> so im never really waiting for downloads.
> and somehow someone figures out how to hook my computers into the Tv
> so I
> could watch with other people.

i like the sound of what bittorrent does and its potential. the idea of
using spare bandwidth is sensible. The BBC are using the same idea in a
system they developed to deliver high quality broadband on demand
during the Olympics.

On the other hand bandwidth is one of the fundamental constraints of
networked media and one of the great myths of the network is of 0 lag.
There will never be enough bandwidth. I guess all I'm thinking about is
that there's no art without constraint, and this is one of our most
legitimate and meaningful constraints. I think of it as like early
cinema: no colour, no sound, no guaranteed frame rate. You could either
complain about it and go back to painting, or invent cinema. The
inventing ones used these constraints positively.

Adrian Miles
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