Re: [videoblogging] BloggerVision

When I videoblog, my workflow is fairly similar to Steve Garfield's.
When i was first starting, I realy liked how he was transparent about his

Peter and I discovered that digital cameras take those short MPEG's which are
great for the web. Very easy to download. The whole problem comes with
optimizing and then uploading and posting. I got the whole process down to
about 10 minutes. Still too long.

About two months ago, Peter wrote up the specs for our imaginary videoblogging
tool that Adrian spoke of.×7
With just a couple of buttons you could edit, optimize and upload to your blog.

I believe that Adrian is right.
Through videoblogging, I want to express my daily life.
Just little moments.
It's like the difference between writing poetry and shooting a feature movie.
"we need the sketchpad".

Is anyone working on a blogging tool that you know of?
Yaron, what exactly are you creating?

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