Re: [videoblogging] BloggerVision

On 15/06/2004, at 4:07 PM, Yaron Samid wrote:

> I'm an entrepreneur in NYC that has recently secured funding for my
> broadband media startup. Our product/network will enable anyone to
> broadcast DVD quality video over the Internet to an unlimited number
> of viewers at no cost. I'm particularly passionate about helping
> video bloggers and independent content producers to get their visual
> stories to the world by entirely bypassing the bureaucracy of
> traditional offline distribution channels and the technical, quality
> and cost limitations of streaming video online.

hi Yaron

ok, I'm regularly going to play devil's advocate here, ok? largely in
the spirit of pushing ideas and making things better.

so, front up question. What's the big deal about DVD quality material?
Lots of things work not because they are high rez but because their
content works, or the content model works. (SMS, early html, early
cinema, early radio spring to mind.)
I'm not sure if it is a relevant analogy, but on my desktop i want
small video works, not monuments. I want monuments I'll go to the
cinema. At a major end of the spectrum it isn't about the production
values in this sense. In the same way I guess that blogs aren't books,
and don't try to be.

What empowers more is a tool that makes it easy to make, much like a
pencil and sketchpad. We don't need galleries to present our work yet,
we need the sketchpads.

Adrian Miles
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