Re: [videoblogging] CEO Videoblogs under 3 grand

On Wed, 15 Sep 2004 21:34:18 -0700, Eric Rice <eric@…> wrote:

> So what do you folks think of this e-mail I received:

Personally I would first inform them of �6a in the Danish Marketing Atc
which prohibits unsolicited requests for business in electronic mail,
automated calling or fax. But since they didn't e-mail me that's not
really relevant.

The interesting thing is that 'blog' has become a buzzword. What they are
describing doesn't have anything to do with what characterizes a blog. No
permalinks, no comments, no reverse chronological list of last updates
(because you only get one blog entry).

And in marketing speak: When a blog is good, a video blog must be twice as

It's a load of crap to be honest, but it wouldn't surprise me if they
could actually convince some companies to pay up. If I were in charge of a
copmany who is interested in a pitch like this (it's not a blog!) I would
most likely prefer to either have my own PR department do it, or hire a
real PR company to do it. Possibly with hired help for the video shooting.

– Andreas

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