Re: [videoblogging] conventions vs. standards

>On Thu, 19 Aug 2004, M. Sean Gilligan wrote:
>> Not to defend/promote MS, but Word enables global communication. I
>> exchange Word documents with people all over the world. I have no
>> choice — Word is what people use and send to me.
>My sense is that this issue of standards vs. conventions is going to
>become a standard flame attractor as our work goes on. …better to punt
>on it for now.

One man's "standard" is another's "convention", thus people can argue about it forever. That's why I proposed the discussion guidelines. On the list we should constructively endeavor to make everyone's vblog work the best it can, no matter what formats they have chosen.

>What we have have to do, as a community, is to try out every plausible
>export format on every plausible player. Your other message this morning
>was pretty much exactly that, so I think we're in the same place.

We are.

>Things to learn: what players support which formats out of the box, what
>players support which formats given a little bit of effort, what players
>we (as a whole) are willing to give up on, what are the correct mime
>types, and how to fix hosts with wrong mime types.

Exactly. Since there is a good deal of interest in .mp4, I think it is a good thing to focus on. Shannon and Jay have been posting .mp4 videos and, with the mime type change, I think we can get things working acceptably in the QuickTime player. Now let's see what we need to do to make .mp4 work in Real and Windows Media.

(If we come up with some good solutions, I'll push to get vBlog Central to turn on the MP4 mode in the underlying Catalla software — don't know whether this should replace or supplement QT, though)

— Sean

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