Re: [videoblogging] conventions vs. standards

> Things to learn: what players support which formats out of the box, what
> players support which formats given a little bit of effort, what players
> we (as a whole) are willing to give up on, what are the correct mime
> types, and how to fix hosts with wrong mime types.

I like the techie talk because Im learning things i wouldnt bother reading
in a book.
We're developing.
But somtimes I feel we arent getting anywhere.
Maybe we should start with some kind on documentation on what works best
with what machines.

Like Lucas says that MPEG4 is a good standard to adopt.
so im in, but it is correct?

i also dont know what MIMES are.
can PC's create MPEG4's?

Sean is building a tool that lets the viewer choose the player.
seems like this solves a lot of problems.
what does he need from us?

i know that in the future everything will be different(videos will project
from our eyes etc) but i want to watch all the movies in our group…and be
able to have guidelines for new people who join so they know our language.
i also want to make WEBJAY playlists of videos being made…
right now i cant do that.

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