Re: [videoblogging] conventions vs. standards

At 10:31 PM +1000 8/22/04, Adrian Miles wrote:
>On 21/08/2004, at 6:30 AM, M. Sean Gilligan wrote:
>> I (like Shannon) have used 3ivx (watching the settings so as not to
>> break compatibility) to make .mp4's that look better than the ones QT
>> produces but are still playable in the QT player. I haven't tried
>> 3ivx on Windows.
>Hi Sean
>can you detail what settings you've used? I tried it but ended up
>breaking the profile and didn't work out where or how. 🙁

Sorry for not responding sooner, I was out of town over the weekend and am getting caught up today.

Here's the settings that I use:

2 Pass Encoding
First Pass: Don't output video
Second Pass, Basic Options:
Best Quality
Suppress last 0 frames
Second Pass, Advanced Options
Force keyframe every 300 delta frames
Half Pixel Motion: on
Four Vector Motion: on
Mpeg Quanitizer (ASP): off
Adaptive Quantization: off
Output Pure MP4 video: on
Use VopN Coding: on

Hope this helps.



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