Re: [videoblogging] Converting mpeg 4 to avi or something else

On 23/08/2004, at 12:27 PM, Andreas Haugstrup wrote:

> So I figure that I need to convert the Quicktime mpeg-4 files to
> something
> else so that I can import them into Premiere. Does anyone know how I
> can
> do this as cheaply as possible? I would prefer if I could do this for
> free
> of course. Premiere can import a bunch of stuff – uncompressed DV AVI
> is
> probably the easiest though.

going from mpeg4 to uncompressed DV AVI is prob. not a good idea since
you'll get quantization errors in the recompression. i'm surprised
premiere can't cope, since you've got QT installed, and i thought
Premiere could use QT as an 'engine' for video. perhaps only on a mac?

1. advice you don't want 🙂 work out how to edit with the mpeg4. (qt
pro wil let you do very dirty editing within the player for eg.)
2. there are plenty of cheap tools that will do it 🙂 (again, QT pro
would do this, just open the MPEG4, file export, choose format and
export. I'd just use qt mov with compression set to none, work with
that in premiere.)
3. try

4. enjoy your holidays

(why do i hammer qt pro. because for a few dollars it will let you
convert most video formats to others, edit video, apply text tracks,
make poster movies and so on. it solves a lot of problems very easily
for very little cost. i like using a variety of tools but this one is
my swiss army knife.)

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