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On Wed, 15 Sep 2004 11:36:32 -0500, Jay Dedman <jay@…> wrote:

> sure, they may ignore me when i make a fake Star Wars parody…but they
> have
> every legal right to sue me.

It's funny you should use this example. In the case of a parody you're
probably on the right side of the law. Parody is one of the few things
covered quite well by Fair Use. :o)

> i dont know how it is in other countries…but lets give some
> perspective.

In western countries the laws are pretty similar due to international
conventions. Your mileage way vary in regards to the DMCA though.

> so our grandkids wont even be able to start playing around with creations
> that we have to live with for several generations…

You still have Fair Use. You can still ask the author for permission to
use his work. And you have authors who license their work liberally (like
Creative Commons, or those who put their work into the public domain).

> But Andreas, i think the emotion comes in when we realize that the
> corporations will not able by these rules.
> and they own most of the images, sounds, characters, and ideas that get
> jammed in our head.
> and why cant i use this stuff in my work..legally?

Actually, the reason you can't use their images (etc.) is *because* they
abide the laws. It seems fair to me that you can't use a work someone else
made without their permission. Remember that you still have the right to
Fair Use no matter who the author is! Of course it becomes a problem when
Fox sues Joe Average, because Joe can't afford a nice lawyer even if he is
protected by Fair Use.

That's not a problem with copyright law though. That's a much much bigger
problem concerning the whole civil legal system.

– Andreas

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