Re: [videoblogging] copyright

>On Wed, 15 Sep 2004 11:36:32 -0500, Jay Dedman <jay@…> wrote:
>> sure, they may ignore me when i make a fake Star Wars parody…but they
>> have
>> every legal right to sue me.
>It's funny you should use this example. In the case of a parody you're
>probably on the right side of the law. Parody is one of the few things
>covered quite well by Fair Use. :o)

Although in the JibJab dispute one of the issues was whether it was parody or satire. (The anti-JibJab argument being it was parody if it was making fun of "This Land" but it was satire if it was making fun of Bush and Kerry.) Unfortunately, we never got an official legal answer to this question, but it seamed (to me) the consensus of the experts was that it was, in fact, parody.

Remember, the law (especially the common law!) is a living thing. Use it or loose it.

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