Re: [videoblogging] Creating a QT- compatible mpeg-4 format

> >My suggestion is to encode a QuickTime-compatible mp4 format for deliver
>to >QT, there are several tools for Linux that do this.
>Yes, this is great information! Thank you for your help. I will try it
>out. Thanks Sean.

I did quite a bit of work with the MPEG4IP project a few years ago, it is one of your options:

I posted a how-to video (Jon Udell proposes calling these screencasts, BTW) in August that shows how to use a non-QT MP4 codec to encode for standard QT:

Unfortunately for you, the 3ivx MP4 codec I used is distributed as a QT plug-in. However, the choice of which MP4 features to use/not-use should be pretty much the same for some of the Linux tools.

If you decide you want to "stream" the video, you can use the Open Source "Darwin Streaming Server" which compiles on Linux and is available in a Red Hat binary:

I (temporarily, at least) dropped streaming support from vBlog Central, because most creators and viewers of videoblogs (at this time) seem to prefer "progressive download" to "true streaming".

— Sean

M. Sean Gilligan