Re: [videoblogging] FCC raids a micro (pirate) radio station in Santa Cruz…

> I've heard the term "people's media" applied to blogging. I think i >cannot achieve that if the "people" represented through it do not >match the larger demographics of society. Thus community >media activists recognize the need to actively train people to be >able to participat and seek to include those that economics and >education exclude.

Its interesting to hear how radio work in Denmark.
its amazing what you can do when you have a small, fairly homogenous,
and enlightened population.

it is important understand that in the US, these media corporations
are using public TV/radio airwaves for profit.
a lot of profit.
(cable and satellite tv is different)
the original rules speak of allowing these corporations the use of
these public airwaves as long as they serve the community.
over time, any debate over what is "the public good' has ceased.
NBC/ABC/CBS and Clear Channel Radio run their operations as if they
own these airwaves.
becasue their lobbyists are so powerful, our representatives continue
to deregulate these public properties, as well as loosening the rules
of conglomeration.
Clear Channel Radio now owns the majoirty of radio stations in the
country, playing media that is very very simlilar and has little to do
with the region in which its airing.

see, Im in a funny position.
Growing up in the US in the 80's in punk music, I dont wont to be an activist.
I want to not care.
I want to ignore everything.
But its difficult.
if you have any sense of logic, you cannot say that these are the
laws…so let's follow them.

Like Alan says, the way out is education.
I spend my day teaching people how to use video equipment.
how to make TV.
in Manhattan, we have a very powerful local community station to air this stuff.
but its also teaching them what the deal is.
the environment we're in.
when people hear how things are operated, they get outraged.
but what can they do?
i tell them to get ready. be aware.
It's a long, frustrating road.
many times it seems impossible.

there are small successes.
like today, we have a woman Florence Rice who has been a huge activist
for many years….she's 86.
due to her work, she got the Social Security Department to put
benefits straight into people's accounts through Direct Deposit.
a huge deal when necessary checks were being lost and mailed late to
elderly people who count on these small payments.
Anyway, her landlord is illegally harrassing her to move out of her
rent controlled apartment. (she pays very little when compared to the
market value of her place).
they broke into her home, saying they needed to do repairs….and
never left. they padlocked her door when she left and put her stuff on
the street.
what US media would cover this?
who cares about some old woman?
we got huge international events to cover.
our advertsing dollars dont support these stories.

But the people in her neighborhood care…and videotaped much of the take over.
the proof is in the tape.
its now being aired on our local community station…and local
politicians are now answering phone calls.

so its too bad about that "pirate" radio station.
on the air 10 years and then pulled?
Sean, if something happens in the neighborhood…who's going to cover it?

maybe videoblogging is an option.
this is what drives me.
though, i wish i could just focus on being weird.
i want to make fun of everything.
but fuck, i got to care.