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On 26/08/2004, at 3:36 AM, Steve Garfield wrote:

> Hmm… why then are we working with QT, WMV and Real?

that's a very good question. i will write something about why i use qt
and to start the argument:

1. most of what you can script in flash you can script in QT
2. this is the world's best kept secret
3. it is no harder than scripting flash, just different
4. qt *is* the architecture for time based media
5. flash *is* the architecture for animation that now wants to be time
based media
6. flash is still quite 'thick' when it comes to the level of
granularity it supports for video (though i may have that arse about)
7. flash has fantastic installed userbase which makes it hegemonically
8. qt 6 fully reads flash 5 (and the best work in qt uses flash)
9. how did flash get here?
i. because graphic designers took to the web.
ii. graphic designers can draw (we can't, were film makers, thre's a
iii. flash let graphic designers become proto-film makers
iv. (think aboiut it, you're a graphic designer, nothing moves. now
you're an interactive artist/author/designer, the difference is
v. (think about it. you're a designer. frames per second doesnt' exist.
you now have 12fps. you're a filmmaker. 24fps full screen is default.
"What, I get 320×240 at 12fps, isn't that going backwards?")
vi. graphic designers understood the web, used Flash, became web
artists. got their first, flash became a de facto standard.
vii. imagine if the film makers arrived first.

now i'll just duck and hide for a while. I said this to a room full of
web artists in Ghent one night and the film makers nodded and talked to
me, the others wanted to thrown me in the canal over the road.

Adrian Miles
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