Re: [videoblogging] flickr viewer movie

> I wonder how long it will be until similar sites pop up for video
> hosting/organisation/linking/social networking. It would be fairly
> simple to make a movie that accesses such as site if they used RSS +
> enclosure.

> That's what's cool about videoblogging at the moment, people are
> putting up video on servers all over the place with different blogging
> engines and different media formats.

youre exactly correct.
we're in a very free time in videoblogging since there are no companies just
yet who are commercializing this.
so we're making it up.
what we need are the tools to so what we want.
so how do we make videos togther?
Andreas made a great "proof of concept" tool with Video comments.
he's working on Part II using pingbacks(though few servers support pingbacks
right now so we need to do some convincing).

but i like your idea of using RSS and would that work?
could you make a playlist using this method?

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