Re: [videoblogging] formats

On 28/06/2004, at 12:53 AM, PeterV wrote:

> Yes, it's an interesting problem… As far as I know there's no way to
> add metadata wether to allow or disalow linking. I do think linking is
> crucial to the net (even deeplinking), but I understand the bandwidth
> concern… You can of course dissallow linking with an htaccess file.

so my other email, there is metadata that you can add that can prevent
this. the simplest way is to script a movie to test against the url of
the requesting page and to refuse requests from pages that don't match
a specific text string.
>> Maybe we should create a highlight reel that shows clips of
>> everyones
>> video?
> If you create highlights-for-linking I will of course link to those
> instead. Maybe this could work: on the same page you have your video,
> have a message saying wether you allow deep linking, and optionally
> provide a highlights video to link to instead… Just thinking…

i'd suggest that linking to and from video is integral to vogging as a
mature form. via rtsp this would be easier as you could serve 1'30" to
1'33" from a clip. with http streaming you can't do this (well you can
via http but that's only with mirrors, it will still serve the first
1'30" just not show it).

this means you will pay for it, but presumably the issue is not the
bandwidth but a) knowing who is using your work, and b) that the use of
the work is appropriately contextualised. the model is blogs and in
blogs you either quote wholesale with acknowledgement, or link with
acknowledgement. both are viable in video blogs.

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