Re: [videoblogging] Fwd: WordPress and RSS enclosures

On Thu, 28 Oct 2004 12:22:44 +1000, Adrian Miles
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> busy busy busy, but forwarded this from fellow Ostraylean blogga. You
> enclosure guru's: opinons?
>> You made a comment about WordPress and RSS enclosures a couple of
>> weeks ago. If you hadn't already caught up with the news, as of a few
>> days ago, WordPress version 1.3alpha now automatically inserts any
>> video, audio and image links in a blog entry as enclosures in the RSS2
>> feed.

Yeah, that's the exact feature I complained about. It mindlessly include
all links to media files as enclosures. This is harmful if you link to the
works of others (or just previous posts you've made). Furthermore your
syndication now contains *more* information than your actual data
(information aout which links are enclosures, and which are not). That's a
Bad Thing.

My whole post on the topic:

– Andreas

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