Re: [videoblogging] has uploads posted …what do you think?

> I know cameraphones are fairly new but they are becoming more and more
> capable with astonishing speed. Once you have the video in some form,
> it doesn't matter if it came from a cellphone. You can upload it to
> your computer then edit and tell just as compelling a story as with
> video from any other camera.

hey thomas…

yeah, i think anyone who is trying to promote original video on the
web is doing a good thing.
but have you looked at the 5 ideos on your site?
they are all weird comedy, special effects…crank videos…and a man
who's head is stuck in an alligator.
im not sure if this is what regular poeple have recorded on their camera phone.

anyone who has tried to videoblog knows it is a challenge.
how do you record the things around you that may seem everyday and commonplace?
how do you find what's special or cool or fucked up about it.
how do you capture these feelings and ideas in a moment?
i wish i had a camera phone that recorded decent video.

having just come back from bloggercon, i think we are at a real turning point.
we have a bunch of cool technology.
we can connect to each other with astonishing speed and ease.
but what is it we want to show each other?
what do we to know about ourselves?

too deep ideas, maybe.
but arent we trying to do something more than the empty visions we see on TV?