Re: [videoblogging] Greetings!

My process for posting vidblogs isn't too complicated, but it's not
really geared towards any specific vidblogging protocol or process.

I shoot a bunch of footage over the course of a week. Most of the time
I like to have a central idea for each entry, sometimes I happen to
stumble onto something. Other times, I re-edit or experiment with video
from other projects.

I then capture the footage into Final Cut Pro 4 on a G5 mac, edit it
and otherwise arrange it to my liking.
Then I export using Apple's Compressor, with usually the MP4 broadband
preset, sometimes a QT preset. Occasionally I make up my own MP4
settings, but the stock presets seem to work OK.

Then I set up the html on the blog and upload the file.

That's it.

As far as philosophy on vidblogging?

I come from a videomaking background, so my eye is towards that end.
While I think there is a good deal of value in seeing and hearing a
blogger deliver their entry, I think many experienced text bloggers
that have tried a video blog have blown it.
Sure there may be times when seeing the blogger's talking head sitting
at his/her computer is appropriate, but it's missing out on the full

Video is about seeing, it's about the imagery, and it's about providing
something that simple text cannot deliver.
Getting the process of vidblogging to be easier/faster is great, but if
it only results in video of heads sitting at computers, I don't care
because I already know that world. It's what I'm doing right now.

In other words, I like to have a reason for using the video as opposed
to just text or just audio.

Links to specific points within vidblogs?
yes this I'd like to see.

Specific software just for vidblogging?
I don't care as my process works for me. unless the software can offer
something really amazing.

Chris Weagel