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On Mon, 5 Jul 2004 23:52:06 -0500, Jay Dedman <jay@…> wrote:

> so who has a PC and can help Craige do his first videoblog?

Hi Craige and welcome!
I'm glad you like the concept of videoblogging as much as the rest of us.

The first step is to get Movie Maker to recognize the files. For that you
need to convert the MOV files to something else – preferably AVI.

If you want to spend cash Quicktime Pro should be able to both handle this
and should have editing capabilities. I DON'T OWN the program though so I
have NO IDEA what it looks like and what it can do. That's my disclaimer
in capital letters. Quicktime Pro costs $30 from

I am thinking about buying Quicktime Pro myself because it looks like it
has better compression capabilities than what I'm using now.

Aaaanyway, I googled a bit and found this:

It should be able to convert MOV files into AVI files that you can then
import into Movie Maker. The free trial version will only convert the
first five minutes of a video file, but that isn't a limitation in your
case. So try out the free trial and see if it works.

Once you work a bit with Movie Maker you'll start cursing it's limitations
(only one video track and one audio track). I haven't yet found a free or
cheap, lightweight editing program for PC. Quicktime Pro might be the
answer, but like I said: I haven't tried it yet. I'd like to magically
find something Open Source. :o)

– Andreas

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