Re: [videoblogging] hello from Craige

glad Mica ( sent you over.
I have a Mac, but im bet half the people on this list have PC's.
someone will explain their process.
Andreas( said he was going to write up a HOW-TO-VIDEOBLOG
for PC's.

it's good for us to see how the process of vdieoblogging is difficult for
new people.
it is easy once you get it down with the different applications you got to
some of us are working on getting the act of videoblogging streamlined so
anyone could do it.

basically you got to:
1. record the video
2. edit(if you want to)
3. compress/optimize the video to web size(under 5MB)
4, then upload and post to your blog

so who has a PC and can help Craige do his first videoblog?

Quoting Craige Moore <craige@…>:

> Hi, I'm Craige, a friend of Mica's. I joined this group on her
> recommendation. I love
> what she is doing with video on her blog and I wanted to get in on the
> action. I thought
> I'd be able to jump right in, but apparently not so! I took a few minutes
> worth of
> footage on my digital camera (it has limited video capabilites, it seems
> take only 39
> seconds of footage at a time) and loaded it onto my PC. Then came trying
> figure out
> how to connect the dots and get it on the web. Well, first things first —
> how to edit
> it. I checked out a program that came with my computer called Movie Maker.
> go.
> Wouldn't recognize a .mov file. Then I downloaded a freeware program —
> problem.
> Finally I opened Adobe ImageReady and lo and behold it recognized my
> movie. I
> still don't know how I'm going to connect the pieces, but I guess I'll
> about
> editing the pieces down first. Then I'll need to figure out how to get
> onto my
> blog! I had no idea this was going to be so much work! But it's fun,
> something new. And
> I had never used that video function on my camera, so that's worthwhile.
> -Craige
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