Re: [videoblogging] I laugh.. Ha Ha!


i just taught a girl i work with how to make her own video blog.
we used, CC Publisher, and the Internet Archive.
so its free this way.
but there are also some extra steps involved versus just getting a
typepad account.

Ivettza is also very new to this stuff.
9hopefully she'll have some videos to show the group this week)
if i wasnt teaching her in person, im not sure she would have gotten it.

so youve given us a challenge to write up a real how-to for complete beginners.
in the mean time…do you even have a blog yet?
you should at least start posting text just to get the hang of it.
write out all your frustrations.
also, you still havent told us what kind of equipment do you have?
PC or Mac?
whta kind of camera…if one at all.

start here:
Lisa Harper is a member of this group.
she posts video using a cell phone.
i havent heard from her in a while…but this is a good explainer.


On Sun, 21 Nov 2004 10:50:49 -0800, Michael Manoochehri
<michael@…> wrote:
> Don't worry Clueless, I think everybody here is trying to figure stuff
> out. But you are right, ok, one thing at a time. Relax! Posting videos
> is fun. However, I do think (and I am a heavy-duty techie) that video
> blogging is too hard to do for the non-tech. What I think really needs
> to be figured out, so we can tell new folks, non-techs, and even the
> press is probably:
> (a) "best format to post with" (some thing that EVERYBODY can use/watch)
> (b) A place to get started to easily post stuff (maybe
> http://vblogcenteral or something)
> (c) Explainations of simple jargon like: TrackBack and what a news feed
> is.
> > Help me out people! Can't someone already in the know post a simple
> > easy to follow (and as Deirdre suggested she might write a Video
> > Blogging for Dummies guide) process? I know there's all kinds of
> > already put out there bits.. but, man! Why can't someone just put it
> > all in … well… a how-to-vlog!?! 😉
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