Re: videoblogging in India

— In, Jay Dedman <jay@m…> wrote:
> Peter who helped start this group is now in India.
> the goal is to videoblog his experinece…but he's
> finding it more chanllenging than he thought. he
> dropped a note.

I actually experienced similar difficulties recently while travelling
in Eastern Europe. Occasionally, I would find a cafe with something
relatively close to what we might call broadband, but for the most
part, i was stuck in 56k limbo. And there was absolutely no way on
earth I could download Flash MX (my platform) onto my family's
computer at such speeds. Even uploading a one-and-a-half meg unedited
videoclip was daunting. I probably could have forced the issue and
toughed it out in order to post in-the-moment vidblogs, but the hassle
of waiting ten or fifteen minutes to load a file really took the wind
out of my sails. So really, I empathize with Peter and his plight.

The Dane