Re: [videoblogging] in time

> >In otherwords, when Bluetooth
> >sent a cease and disist letter to Josh telling him they owned the word
> >"bluetooth" and he could not use it in the way that they controlled,
> Josh just can't stay out of trouble, can he? It would be interesting to hear more about this sometime…

This is very OT, but I made a website, sort of as a joke, called
"Bluetooth Against Bush." After an ordeal with the Bluetooth SIG, I
ended up changing the name to "Bluetooth Users Against Bush" to
sidestep their legal threats:

Here is an interview about the ordeal that was published on the
Wireless Weblog earlier in the summer:

BTAB was a hot topic in the Wireless world for a brief second. Funny
enough, my next project, Bikes Against Bush, which also used Bluetooth
technology, was featured on the Bluetooth SIGs website a few months
later. They never contacted me about it, and therefore didn't thank me
for doing cool shit with their tech and ultimately publicizing it
better than they ever could.

Hopefully I won't be getting in trouble again for a while 🙂
Still dealing with the bike arrest in court. Its a very frustrating process.

Thanks for the interest,